Monday, November 02, 2015

Roadtrip Day 114

Roadtrip Day 114

10/30 Friday

Wow! What a night. There were a couple of brief pauses with no rain but it basically came down all night. Sometimes moderate but often very hard with significant wind. It was truly a dark and stormy night. We snuggled in our little tent trailer and were soooo happy with it and pleased with the quality. In all that intense rain, not a drop got into the interior.

Morning announced its presence meekly. Rainy rain, rain, rain, with a forecast of more rain. We had breakfast and decided to settle in for an inside day and move tomorrow when there was supposed to be a break in the rain.

However, by 10ish, the rain had stopped and the sky looked pretty good on the weatherfront. Ronnie said, Let’s go for it. So we did.

Got packed up and outa there in an hourish and headed through Alamogordo toward the West and Las Cruces where we could jump on the I-10. Made it through the White Sands missile range without getting blown up. Phew! We were pretty efficient getting to where we thought we might stop for a while but then decided to just go for Chiricahua National Monument, a place we like a lot.

Stopped in Willson, AZ. for food and propane then made it to Chiricahua and got into the campground around twilight. There were two, count ‘em, TWO, campsites available so we jumped in one of ‘em and set up in record time. Pretty darned chilly here. With a fresh propane tank to back up the one we’ve been using, I think we’ll run the heater tonight without worrying about our propane supply.

Spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner, hot and filling. And easy.

There used to be a dude ranch near here that did a trail ride down from the peak. We always wanted to spend a week at a dude ranch and that one, with that ride, was high on the list. Sadly, they now seem to be out of business, We did it as a  hike last time we were here with the girls. We’ll do it as a couple, probably Sunday, this visit.

Low battery on the laptop and my old body. Talk atcha tomorrow.

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