Sunday, November 08, 2015

Roadtrip Day 119

Roadtrip Day 119

11/04 Wednesday

Good morning. It’s 11AM. Hahahaha! We didn’t get the kind of cold we anticipated last night but a front blew through and we had bands of wind and rain throughout the night. A gust of wind would build and hit and plummeting acorns would machinegun our roof. Then a band of rain would come through and that would machinegun the roof. It was fun to differentiate between the acorn clatter and the rain clatter. Given that that crap went on through the morning, we just stayed in bed and snuggled until… well, 11 AM. Time now for some breakfast.

Sun’s trying to break through as I type but we’re still getting wind gusts and it’s chilly. Usually by this time we’d be in shorts and T-shirt couture. Not today. Maybe a good day for sit-baths, reading, and getting my legionaries engaged in active combat with the vampires while we sit and relax inside our heated tent trailer. Flavius and da boyz are close. When I left them last night, they were prepped and ready to start toward the vampire nest for the final conflict – a daytime assault, an all-or-nothing throw of the die. As Caesar said when he prepared to cross the Rubicon, alea iacta est. Flavius has put all his eggs in one basket, committed all his legionaries (6 combat-effective troopers, 2 NCOs, and Flavius himself) to one massive assault to eradicate those who stalk by night.

It’s gonna be bloody, messy, and gruesome.

Suits me to a “T”. (wink)

I think it’ll be cold tonight. It was cloudy all day and never warmed up but now that the sun is down the sky is clear. Clear sky will let the earth release its heat to the sky efficiently, so it’s gonna be a cold one. Hooray for Ms. Heater; she’ll be the heroine of the night, just as she’s been during this chilly day.

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