Sunday, November 08, 2015

Roadtrip Day 120

Roadtrip Day 120

11/05 Thursday

I think our space-blanket (thermal-blanket, e-blanket, whatever you call ‘em) insulation effort works pretty well. Not very aesthetic, but efficient. It feels like we’re inside a TV dinner, looking at all that crinkly, reflective foil surrounding us. Being warm trumps aesthetics, however, so in that context, I like being inside a TV dinner.

Big news in pseudohistory of the year circa700 a.u.c. (“from the founding of Rome” or as we know it, circa 53 BC or BCE), I’ve finished chapter 15. Phew, just two more to go until the end of this adventure of Flavius’ Furies, the most badass century in the legions.

Sunny this morning, thank Apollo. Maybe Ra. Weather report calls for sun and no more rain so we decided to hike the Massai Loop – down Massai, along Hailstone, then up Echo, which we had gone down the other day, and finally back to Massai. A total of about 4 miles down then up, unlike our trip from Echo to the Visitors’ Center which was all down. Pretty chilly, so we started in long sleeves, Ronnie even wore her pile jacket. She started in sweatpants but I went ahead and just started in shorts.

If you remember from my earliest posts, I bought some new hiking boots for this trip, a pair of nice, moderate-quality boots. Much more supportive than tennies but still fairly lightweight and flexible. When we did the Echo-to-Visitors’ Center hike, the bottoms of my feet got very worn and tired from the rockiness of the trails because some portions are very uneven and composed of various-sized rocks with no smooth spaces to step. For today’s hike, I went for a Throwback Thursday look. I also had with us my old-school, full-steel-shank monster boots. No flex from those babies and support up the yin-yang. The price for those features is weight. Those old boots weigh 10#. Each.

Ok, not quite, but they are more than 5# each, which is a lot of what car guys would call unsprung weight. It’s just hanging there at the end of your leg. I mean, people wear 5# ankle weights to increase their exercise effort. Nonetheless, they were just what I wanted. Despite the weight, they fully supported my feet over the very uneven terrain and I came back to the tent trailer with happy and untired footsies. Hooray.

When we got back, we both stripped down to comfy clothes and stretched out on our respective dinette benches and lazed the rest of the afternoon away. Ronnie mostly read, while I mostly dozed. Very pleasant.

Hot dogs for dinner. Yum! A very camping-ish food. If I’m at a ballgame at the stadium, I don’t especially mind eating the lips and assholes and roach parts and rodent hairs which comprise the vast majority of the contents of a stadium dog; but we kinda wanted actual meat in our camping doggies, so we opted for Hebrew National brand franks. They’re the best kind of frank besides, you know, ME!

Ok, enough for today. See ya tomorrow.

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