Sunday, November 08, 2015

Roadtrip Day 121

Roadtrip Day 121

11/06 Friday

Our last full day here. We’re gonna pack and leave tomorrow. Another sunny but cold morning. After we had breakfast and got moving, Ronnie decided she really wanted to hike the Sugarloaf trail. It’s about 2 miles, pretty steep up to a fire lookout. I decided to pass and just laze about in camp.

She says it was fabulous. Magnificent views, fascinating rocks, and a million big metallic lizards. We’ve seen them occasionally but there was a sunny spot on that trail where they congregated en masse. She has lots of wonderful photos.

Evening is coming on now and it’s getting to be time to close up after the warmth of the afternoon. A little genny time then we’ll recreate our tv-dinner interior and have some actual dinner.

Looking forward to a comfy night’s sleep tonight and an efficient takedown tomorrow. Then we’ll ease on down the road.

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