Sunday, November 08, 2015

Roadtrip Day 122

Roadtrip Day 122

11/07 Saturday

Woke up, had breakfast, and got to packing. All done and folded up by 10:30 so we beat the 11AM checkout time. (grin) Chiricahua was lovely but the nights were kinda chilly; down the road a bit now.

Lunch in Tucson – Popeye’s. Now I’m happy. Luv dat chickin from Popeye’s. Their red beans and rice ain’t bad, too, cher. Made it to Catalina State Park just a tad North of Tucson. Official campground was full but they were making room in the “picnic area”. Half the price? Good enough for us. Picked a spot and set up camp. Phew! Warmer here. Setup was tiring. Once we were set up, we drove over to the showers. No showers in the picnic area but our fee for picnic-area camping covered use of the camping-area showers.

Bliss! Some campground showers are free but the water never gets really warm and you have to push a button every 20 seconds or so for more water. These showers are lovely. Big, comfy, tiled, and all the water you want. And it gets HOT. Heaven for me.

Now we’re back in the trailer, clean as angels, clean as the preacher’s sheets, clean as… anyway, we’re well-showered and running the genny so I’m catching up on today’s blog post. Ronnie’s had this stop on her personal list since we started. Huge saguaro cacti all around and a coupla excellent hikes to collector pools above us on the mountain waiting for us to do while we’re here.

Amusing camping anecdote. Ronnie has this large metal decorative frog her mom gave her which is charmingly painted. She hangs it on out tent trailer when we’re in a campsite. It’s homey; it’s our signature. Well today somebody recognized our signature. We were sitting in our camp chairs and this couple says, “Hi! We recognize your frog. We were just at Chiricahua with you.” And then we had a very pleasant conversation with them. Frog as icebreaker. Nice.

Hope your Saturday was nice. I expect to be warm tonight without running the heater. Ahhhhhhh!


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