Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 124

Roadtrip Day 124

11/09 Monday
Took a beautiful drive to Summerhaven above 8000 feet on Mt. Lemmon. The entire drive was spectacular as we travelled from cactus-covered slopes to a point above the cactus-line and into the forest. Got all the way up to SNOW. Yep. 80 degrees in the city but snow on the side of the road and up the slopes at 8K-ft.-plus. Bought some heath-flavored fudge at the general store. Yum! We were tempted to complete the loop North to Oracle then back to Tucson but the road from Summerhaven to Oracle is dirt and not maintained and marked "high-clearance vehicle recommended." So we turned around and went back down the way we came. It was still beautiful.

Spent some time transferring stuff from my old laptop to this new one with Ronnie's slick external harddrive and learning how to use Win10. I think I like it ok.

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