Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 125

Roadtrip Day 125

11/10 Tuesday
Mister sunshine is warming things up now and it's time to see what this day brings. We were in the "overflow" camping in the picnic area over the weekend. Today, we moved to the actual campground - with full hookups, so we have city water and power, unlimited 120AC power! Bwahahahaha! I even managed to get my old laptop to accept a charge in case I need to copy anything else from it. Once I get Office set up, I can get back to making progress with Flavius and da boyz.

Thanx and a tip o’ the hat to Scott for getting me Office and to Ronnie for helping me get it all set up using up lots of her bandwidth. I feel so contemporary with Win10 and new Office. We tried to get wifi a coupla places and both were sooooooo SLOW. Finally used most of Ronnie’s hotspot ability to get it done. Also on the side of successes today, we got a spaceheater and it’s been wonderful. Gonna be a cozy night tonight.

Strange weather today. Reports were for no rain but there were sure a lot of dark, dark clouds hanging low all afternoon; but it’s true that it never did rain. Exhausting day so it’s bedtime for me. 

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