Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 126

Roadtrip Day 126

11/11 Wednesday

We’ve had some chilly nights during this entire trip and now that we’re moving into November, we expect to see more, especially since we’re gonna be home for the Xmas holidays – cold and damp. So yesterday we bought an electric space heater which we can use when we have shorepower (aka hookups), which we’ll certainly have at home and which we have sometimes when camping. More often we do not have shorepower/hookups but then we use our propane heater. We also refined our tv-dinner insulation scheme by totally enclosing the tent-end we sleep in with spaceblankets. Tonight I think we’ll refine it a bit more by better placement of the spaceheater and using another spaceblanket to block off most of the trailer from the heater when we go to bed, just heating our little tent-end.

Ronnie reminds me that tv dinners have not been encased in aluminum/tinfoil for many, many years. It’s the Age of the Microwave. Damn, I must be old. Aluminum-container tv dinner, cooked in the oven, served on a metal tv-dinner tray at the sofa, while we watch black-and-white tv. Hi-ho, Silver! Away! Twilight Zone – Eek!

But y’all understand the reference, right?

Last night was comfy. I was happy. I slept well after staying up late to watch a movie on my new laptop. Good sound quality and a crisp, clear picture. Now I’m typing this post on it, still enjoying the experience, and getting used to Win10 and Word2016. Thank Jupiter for compatibility mode. I have so many old docs which I sometimes reuse or forward, some of which were written in Word95; I don’t think I still have any which I wrote earlier than that. Gotta support that legacy code. (grin)

Did some real-world paperwork today and we chatted some about stuff we hafta do when we’re home in December. Ick. Not the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Or naked. Not that I’d do financial paperwork naked. Not til later this afternoon, anyway; it’s a little chilly for nudity right now.

Had lunch then hiked up the Montrose Pass trail to the pools, which were still there, even in November, and which were c-o-l-d. Didn’t go all the million miles to the pass; going to the pools was far enough. Back at the campground now to update this and jingoism abounds here for Veterans’ Day. I’m enjoying some refreshing lemonade-tea and I think I’ll open up “The Lost century” and write fiction instead of my travelogue for a while.


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