Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 127

Roadtrip Day 127
11/12 Thursday

Travel day. Not too far, just going to the local manga/anime campground - Pikachu Peak. Or something like that. The locals call it Picacho but what do they know?

Between campgrounds we stopped for propane, gas, and groceries. As it turned out, we also stopped for credit card theft. Our card was declined at the grocery. We figured it was just the card company being stupid (again) cuz we’re (still) travelling out of state. However, it was not just that. Somebody tried to spend $1300 or so in Singapore or something. So, goodbye, old card. Cards all cut up and now we hafta get new ones. In snail mail. Swell. Oh well…

Once we get set up completely and settled in, we’re gonna drive back into Tucson for a little social time – unschooling dads’ night at Kristin and Craig Post’s house. Ronnie and Kristin can hang out and watch football or something while I commune with Craig and the other unschooling dads.

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