Monday, November 16, 2015

Roadtrip Day 129

Roadtrip Day 129

11/14 Saturday (no photos)

Supposed to hit 80 today. Sunny enough and warm enough that it could do it. If I had checked online sooner I could have made kendo practice in Tucson this morning; but I didn’t and it was too late when I saw that it was available. Maybe next time. Full campground for the weekend. Noisy people, barking dogs, crying babies/kids, etc. Think I’ll escape to the Hindu Kush with Flavius and da boyz for a while. Get the rough draft done before the end of this year. Organize some beta readers and make an editing pass in early ’16. Publish for my birthday in late April? That might be a fun milestone.

I don’t think it hit 80 here today. Very sunny and warm but not quite 80. We’re looking at the calendar and getting on a fairly rigorous timetable as we come to the holidays. As we finish our time here, we move into a couple of weeks of places to be at specific times before returning home for (about) the beginning of December. Look out, Seattle area, they’re baaaaaaaack. Almost.

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