Monday, November 16, 2015

Roadtrip Day 130

Roadtrip Day 130

11/15 Sunday

Got some rain last night. More predicted for today. None right now but very overcast and cool with slight sunbreaks. We forgetfully left our towels hung outside last night after our showers. Oops. They didn’t dry; that’s for sure.

Amazingly, the campground was mostly quiet last night despite being full of partiers and families and we slept happily and cozily in our little tv-dinner bedroom. Ronnie created a hotspot from her phone and I got some new library books. Think I’ll take a break from murder and mayhem two millennia ago in the Hindu Kush and read somebody else’s writing.

Speaking of murder and mayhem, Ronnie’s mom, Mary, informed us that there was a Civil War battle here at Pikacho. Who knew? The fierce battle (about two dozen combatants total) was followed not long after by a bloodless takeover of Tucson by Union troops out of California. I can’t seem to escape my Southern heritage no matter where I am. Amusingly, there is a reenactment held here. There are more reenactors than there were original troops.


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