Thursday, November 19, 2015

Roadtrip Day 132

Roadtrip Day 132

11/17 Tuesday

PITA. We had more wind last night. Not as bad as the night before but bothersome. Finally, as the night progressed, it quieted down and we slept well. Up now for breakfast and packup/foldup with cool-but-pleasant CAVU. The friendly saguaro right outside our starboard window seems to be waving goodbye.

See y’all in La Jolla 5 hours or so after we hit the road - I-10 to I-8 and right to Ronnie’s sister’s place. We’ll spend a few days there, a few days at her dad’s in San Diego – all good.

BTW, gas is less than $2/gallon around here. Because we get over 20MPG even when towing, that makes long travels pretty painless. Gas wasn’t so cheap in California when we were there a while back.

Made it. Hanging out with Lynn and Artie and da boyz.

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