Monday, February 29, 2016

Roadtrip interlude

Day 141 – 236

11/26 – 2/29/16

Holiday season and the beginning of the new year at home. Ronnie went back on the road right after Christmas but I had an opportunity to test for rank in both iaido and kendo at the end of February; so we discussed it and I stayed to practice, then test, then rejoin Ronnie on the road.

And now we’re there. I did my tests on Saturday 2/27, passed both, and now I’m packing to catch a plane to Tulsa on Tuesday morning, 3/1. Ronnie will pick me up there and we’ll drive to Siloam Springs where we’ll be staying for a while.

Now that we’ll be back on the road, I’ll starting doing daily posts again.

Welcome back to The Roadtrip!

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