Thursday, March 03, 2016

Roadtrip Day 239

Roadtrip Day 239

3/3 Thursday

Did some sightseeing today. Ronnie and I had a nice time and got delicious icecream in the heart of Walmart World. Had a delicious nap, then drove to Tulsa for kendo there. Lotta fun with new people. My dojo is in a small gym, less than a full basketball court but those guys practice in a racquetball court. Impressive. And LOUD. Wow! Kendo in a regular gym is loud. Kendo in a racquetball court is ear-shattering. It was tremendous fun and I enjoyed them very much.

The poisoned cherry on top of the good day was getting lost on the way home. There’s a turnpike version of the 412 from Tulsa to Siloam Springs so leaving Tulsa I followed the “Turnpike” signs. Unfortunately, it was the Joplin (I think) turnpike of (maybe) I-44. Way into Missouri when I had to pay the toll I realized my mistake. Then, like a lost pilot talking to his appropriate Center, I had Ronnie vector me home from wherever the hell I’d gotten to. Spent an extra hour or more on the road to nowhere.

But I’m home now. Goodnight! I’ll sleep well.

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