Friday, March 18, 2016

Roadtrip Day 253

Roadtrip Day 253

3/17 Thursday

Another lovely sunny morning. Ahhhh! Last night was amusing. Memphis kendo was fun after a long drive partly through Memphis rush hour. But the kendo folks were a lovely group and I had a fun evening, hitting people with my wooden sword.

I got home near 11, had a quick shower to get the nasty sweat off, and sat for some liquids and a brief cruise on Facebook. I was interrupted by a call from Chloe around midnight (10 her time). She’s employed by Working America and they were fund-raising. Somebody called the cops on them and a long discussion with 5-0 ensued. Ultimately, the po-po went away cuz they were perfectly legal but she was so entertained and excited to have been “detained for justice” a al the old folk tune, “If you’ve been to jail for justice, then you’re a friend of mine.”

Chloe – my baby action hero of the new age of sociopolitical justice.

Swell visit to Rowan Oak with Lydia Koltai and her gang. Lovely old home and spacious grounds for kids to romp! (grin)

Trash night here tonight. Got it out to the curb. Time for some food and tv/movie(s).

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