Monday, March 21, 2016

Roadtrip Day 255

Roadtrip Day 255

3/19 Saturday

Started the day with an early trip to the local Goodyear tire shop. Brrr! Chilly this AM. The Odyssey was in need of tires so I went in and got four new shoes for our conveyance. Nice. Ride is much improved.

Doing some house cleaning today in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

Ok, that’s mostly done. About time to head out to Taylor Grocery for catfish dinner.

Yes! Gumbo appetizer – New Orleans quality. Yum! Catfish and fried oysters to share. Good. Warm peach cobbler with ice cream to finish it off. Burp! All for a total of about $40 (plus tip plus donation to the guys playing live music)

Finish packing and cleaning and bedtime to digest.

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