Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 257

Roadtrip Day 257

3/21 Monday

Woke lazily after a comfy night’s sleep to have tea and cinnamon rolls with Ronnie and Steph. Rick had long since gone off to work. Casually got rolling to find the location of the kendo dojo and then cruised around the city, campus, and finally stopped for lunch downtown. Ahhh! Wandered back to the house. Ronnie and Steph and Bijou the cat wandered down to their river while I’m updating this.

Kendo at 6pm at Athens Memorial Park with Athens Kendo, Nanto Bukan. Gonna be fun.

Phew! Fun night of kendo followed by adult beverages and corned beef and cabbage. Especially nice since we didn’t do it for St. Pat’s Day. Yum!


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