Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 266

Roadtrip Day 266

3/30 Wednesday

Freedom! Replica of the one on top of the dome.
Yeah, boy-eee. Today we have a guided tour of the Capitol building from the offices of our very own Senator Patty Murray. Got up early and got the Metro into town. Walked to the Murry Building where her office is and had time to find the café before going to the office to start our tour. A small group of us were led by one of her staffers to the underground shuttle and we rode to the start of our tour. Cool!

Ronnie and the radical socialist Helen Keller.
Very crowded and even *we* had to wait for processing of our special badges. Eventually, we were adequately badged and led through the maze by our friendly and informative guide. Fabulous architecture and art and an almost-oppressive miasma of history. I especially enjoyed the original chambers of SCOTUS.

Thoroughly fascinating morning. Next week we return to Senator Murray’s office for a morning coffee with her. Looking forward to that.

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