Friday, April 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 272

Roadtrip Day 272

4/5 Tuesday

Drove to visit Laura Parrish in her lovely pastoral home. Meredith dropped by with Grayson and Alice for part of it. We passed a lovely time and Grayson amused himself mightily with my GoPro.

Laura made a delicious lunch of shrimp and potato soup, the kids made potions, and we all had a swell time. Rupert came along for the ride and enjoyed their large, fenced yard He and the kids took a while to get acquainted but eventually they did.

Thanks so much for hosting us, Laura, and for the genuine Virginia peanuts and the homemade lemon bars! (grin)



  1. Aw, thanks, Frank! We enjoyed your visit so much. I hope you guys plan on dropping by on the return trip! We would love to see you. PS Thanks for not posting any fisheye lens photos Grayson took of me. I can't think of anything more horrifying!

    1. I do have a couple of you that he took. Bwahahahahaha!