Friday, April 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 273

Roadtrip Day 273
4/6 Wednesday
So, Ronnie had scheduled us to have a kaffeklatsch with our Senator (Patty) Murray. However, we thought it was to be at 10 AM and not so big. Reality turned out to be a 9AM meet with attendants required to be in the room (through security) by 8:40 plus it was not as small as we imagined, and apparently mostly just an opportunity for a photo op with the senator and not really a time for discussion. So we bagged it.
Headed into town on the Metro to see the White House first and foremost. Walked around it and through a couple of nearby parks. Chilly but at least it wasn’t raining. Wonderful to see it in person.
Hopped back on the metro to go over to the capitol. Waited in an endless string of lines to eventually go sit in the Senate gallery.
It was amazing and emotional to sit right there where so many significant things have happened. Serendipitously, a senator was reading in the FAA extension bill for 2016. Interesting to me. Especially interesting to hear an offhand comment about deciding not to allow the FAA to be privatized. Well, thank the gods of spacetime for THAT! No photos in there, unfortunately.
And with that, we were tired and out of time to get back to walk Rupert. Down to the Metro and back to falls Church. Rest and recuperation time.

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