Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roadtrip Day 280

Roadtrip Day 280

4/13 Wednesday

Ok, today’s the day. We headed down the road toward Mystic. Got odd (bad!) directions from Ronnie’s magic phone which got us nowhere so we broke for lunch before doing our own search for the library. Mystic Pizza, of course. You know we hadda do it. Ronnie got a “seafood’ pizza and I got a meatball grinder. This is the old stomping grounds of our sailing friends Behan and Jamie and he says their meatball grinder is tops. It was pretty darned good.

Then we found the actual site of the library. Gorgeous building Loved the architecture, outside and inside. Oh, and we got a bunch of tax forms. Now Ronnie has something to do with all her spare time.

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