Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Roadtrip Day 284

Roadtrip Day 284

4/17 Sunday

Lazy wakeup and lotsa chatting. Headed to a local Italian deli Mike had found for (almost)muffulettas. With the addition of olive salad from a jar, they were pretty damned good.

Mike’s daughter Emma showed up for some pseudomuff and to hear stories about her dad’s exciting rock ‘n’ roll life in the 60s. A couple of those tales got her good. We played a little more music, again to the point of tired fingers then got set up to watch “Fear the Walking Dead”. Didn’t really float my boat but maybe it’ll improve and maybe I’ll get a chance to watch it.

More snacking and chatting and eventually to bed. Heading to New York tomorrow, hopefully avoiding traffic for the Boston Marathon.

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