Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 287

Roadtrip Day 287

4/20 Wednesday

Today we have tickets to a Yankees game. Baseball in Yankee Stadium – that’s pretty cool. Even better, there was some kinda MasterCard deal on so that if you bought tickets with your MasterCard they were $5 instead of $50ish. So we got two $5 tickets to bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium.

Followed our usual route on the local bus to the Journal Square PATH station to the NY subway system at Herald Square and then the D train to the Stadium. Exit and turn and there it is.

We decided we’d better eat before the game so we went into (I’m sorry! Please don’t tell anybody!) the Hard Rock Café which is attached to the stadium like a pimple. It was edible, if egregiously overpriced, and with alcohol onboard we were mellow(er) about that. Grabbed our tickets at will-call and found our seats. We were early but were somewhat surprised by the light attendance, even as we came to game time.

Yankees vs. As, here we go.

It was a pretty enjoyable experience overall. We brought warm clothes to add to our daywear but it got colder and windier as the night wore on The As were winning handily and we were chilled, so we left early to find our way back on the subway(s). Retracing our steps, we joined a bunch of baseball semifans who also left early, and jumped on the D train. Unfortunately, this was some special D train which did not return to Herald Square. We had to get off somewhere and switch to the A train. Well, at least that was very musical of us.

(Take the A train)

Eventually got to Herald Square and caught the PATH back to Journal Square where we could catch the bus home. Turned into a LATE night. I was way pooped by the time we fell into bed after midnight.

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