Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 288

Roadtrip Day 288

4/21 Thursday

What a day. We started with a train ride to the World Trade Center memorial area. Very moving. And I was happily surprised that they did a tasteful job of it. It’s a good, if inevitably sad, way to remember those who died – names inscribed along the edges of the fountains, one for North Tower and one for the South. Quiet, open space and a memorial museum. Altogether, a moving tribute.

From there, we headed toward Wall Street and the Golden Calf, err, I mean, the Bull. On the way, we passed Trinity Church and stopped for a bit to wander the graveyard. A far cry from the hustle-bustle of the streets. Then, we cruised on down to the Bull.

Amusing that there were two lines for photos, one front, one rear. More amusing, the one for the rear shot was longer. Ha!

Ambled on down to Battery Park and a lovely, if distant, view of Lady Liberty. Most photogenic when seen through the bowsprit of the two-masted “Clipper City.” Here is where we decided to try to commit suicide by buying AND EATING hot dogs from a cart. Luckily, Nietsche ruled the day so we pressed on.

Where to? Where to? Ok, Little Italy. We wandered a bit between Chinatown and Little Italy and were eventually seduced by Happy Hour drinks and dinner. The chicken marsala was delightful and the accents and attitudes were fabulously stereotypical. Is it possible that the city hires method actors to wander the streets and amuse the tourists?

Lubricated with alcohol and full of food, we headed toward St. Pete’s. More lovely architecture and that heavy Catholic vibe which struck that deeply-buried chord from deep in my youth, Introibo ad altare Dei!

Escaping the clutches of the Vatican sirens, we hit Rock Plaza and Radio City Music Hall. Pop culture overload and lines of people waiting to enter various studios and Radio City. It was approaching dusk, so we thought we’d walk toe few block to Central Park and check out the Southern loop since we’d done the Northern loop previously.

When we arrived, there was a line of carriages. After all our walking, we debated a carriage ride through Central Park. Awesome but expensive. We chatted with the guy at the head of the line, Murat from Turkey. Agreed on $100 for a complete circuit of the park and decided that was a worthwhile expenditure.

I think it was. Lovely, slow clippety-clop around the park as dusk fell and the lights from surrounding buildings came up. We rolled majestically along, being passed by pedicabs, bicyclist, jogger, and sometimes even walkers. That was fine with me.

After that, it was late, we’d had a full day, and how could you top a carriage ride around Central Park? So, we headed home and slept deep and hard.

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