Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 291

Roadtrip Day 291

4/24 Sunday

Left our hotel barely at checkout time. Ahhh. Found our way to Prince William Forest Park in Virginia and made our way to the campground. Picked a spot and checked in. Got the “old-dude” discount to cut camping from $20/night to $10/night. Win! Set up the tent trailer for the first time in quite a while. It felt good, and homey, to do that. Then it was time for a run back to “civilization” to make some groceries.

Back to camp to put groceries away and try to resettle ourselves into camping life.

A beautiful transition which I had noted over the last few days but which was very apparent coming into these deep, Eastern woods is that the forests have come alive. Until recently, we traveled through empty forests of bare, brown trunks and branches. Endless graveyards of tree skeletons. But life has returned to the world, green, fecund, promiscuous. It is a welcome change.

We are embraced by renewed life and the promise of the future. It feels good.

It is now pushing 6 pm and we’re having an easy dinner of grocery-store chicken and potato salad while I start to catch up on all the blogging I didn’t do while we were in New York. Too busy and too tired to do it right then. I’ll catch up on it over the next couple of days here.

We ran the generator for an hour to charge things up. Dependable Yamaha powerhouse started right up, even after sitting unused for so long. So now we’re topped off on electricity, got cold stuff in the fridge, getting dinner in our bellies, and looking for a long shower (Yes, this campground has showers at no extra charge and with no time limits on water use. Joy!), then an early bedtime. We’ve settled in here to regain our quiet, outdoorsy mode. City exploration was exciting but wearying both physically and mentally/emotionally.

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