Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 293

Roadtrip Day 293

4/26 Tuesday

Sunny and still WARM. Heaven. Very quiet here except we’re close enough to a gun range (Quantico?) to hear the distant, staccato burst of small arms fire and endure the occasional low pass of a Huey.

We had neighbors for the night last night. They belonged to that travelling tribe of people who pull in late, set up their tent in the dark, sleep, then break down and pull out early. Hectic camping. And in this entire HUGE campground, they chose the space right opposite us. Oh well, they’re gone now. MY campground, interlopers!

Drove to “civilization” to take care of some internet-dependent paperwork. Got ice for the coole while we were there. Stopped at the Visitors’ Center on the way back into the park cuz we hadn’t done that when we arrived. Small but interesting. Didn’t know that the OSS had one of its first training grounds here.
Back to the tent-trailer for lunch and the start of the coming rain. Short shower but more is coming. We looked at escaping even farther South but it’s omnipresent rain so we’ll settle here as planned. Wrote a coupla thank-you notes for our recent stays with friends while the brief rain shower played a rhythm on our roof. Digesting, reading, and/or writing now.

Slid quietly into an uneventful evening. BBQ pork chops and reading into the dark.

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