Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 295

Roadtrip Day 295

4/28 Thursday

Got the big rain last night and this morning. Syncopated percussion on our roof, sharp on the hard roof and more muted on the soft tent-end roof. Not terribly cold (Hooray!) but damp, of course. We ran the heater a bit this morning to take the edge off for breakfast. This weather front covers a whole lot of area. We looked at moving but we’d hafta go a LONG way to get away from it, so we’re just gonna stay put and continue to recuperate from the travails of urban exploration.

Clearly, this will mostly be a stay-in-the-camper day. I can get some work done on the new chapter I created for “The Lost Century.”

And get used to being 68.

Less rain as we pass midday, although still grey and threatening. Running the genny now to charge stuff, including this laptop. I saw one other campsite occupied when I took a stroll around this loop during the non-rainy period. We’ll bbq some chicken thighs this evening if it stays dry-ish.

Yep. BBQ chicken thighs (skin-on, bone-in), mashed potatoes, and broccoli. That’s a nice dinner on a wet, grey day. I got another thousand or so words added to the novel, so that’s pretty good for me. Quiet evening now, maybe a little more writing, maybe a little reading, definitely some snuggled sleeping. Very Seattle-ish feel as light grey gives way to dark grey. And, Lo!, he separated the night from the day, saying, “Eh, I dunno. It’s more of a spectrum than a binary situation, really.”

Just checked. I’m still 68. Goodnight, internet.


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