Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 296

Roadtrip Day 296

4/29 Friday

Grey and cool but not actively raining. Headed to civilization to run some errands. Found an REI not too far away and I got new thermal bottoms and new SmartWool socks. Outdoor shit is getting pricey. Thermal bottoms at this REI started near $60 and went steeply up from there. I got some sale ones in my size for half that. The new-style SmartWool socks are over $20. Damn! Thanks, Mary, for my Christmas gift certificate to REI. What with getting the sale thermals, it covered those AND my new SmartWool socks. It’s good to be cozy.

We also replaced our o-l-d cooler; it was just too ineffective. Hope the new one is significantly better. A quick stop at the grocery after errands and we’re back to the campground. Despite the fact that it’s the weekend, we still only have a coupla neighbors, and they’re not too close. That’s nice.

The cost of getting wifi in town was having to eat a McDonald’s fish sandwich. *gag* But it was good to connect, check email, and check Facebook for birthday greetings and news about friends. Got to say, “Happy birthday!” to my wonderful mother-in-law both on Facebook and by singing to her (with Ronnie) on the phone. Got ten new books from the library. Always a pleasure. Downshifting now as we face the curve of the evening, then accelerating toward the straightaway of nightfall. Probably spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner tonight.

Probably gonna try a Coke from the new coolerator just to see how frosty it is. Probably gonna open one of my new books. Probably gonna try to get another thousand words into my newly created Chapter 17, tentatively titled “Ash and Bone. And Barbecued Goat.” Probably happy with (and will stick with) my original title for Chapter 15 (“Kill 'em All, Let the Gods Sort 'em Out! ~or~ Operation Payback”) but I’m waffling about what I wanna call Chapter 16 now that I’ve broken the new 17 out of it. Maybe a simple “Payback’s a Bitch.” Probably gonna stick with the original title for what is now Chapter 18, which had been outlined as 17, “Go East, Young Men!”

Waffling? Mmmm, don’t got no waffles but we could be making some pancakes for breakfast. Mmmmm, breakfast. Guess I’d better have dinner and sleep first.

See ya!

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