Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 297

Roadtrip Day 297

4/30 Saturday

More folks arrived last night but the campground is still sparsely occupied. We like it like that. Kids chasing each other, playing hide and seek, squealing with delight. That was actually kinda cute.

Less grey today (for my old New Orleans friends, I give you the lead singer of the 60s rock band The Palace Guard - Les Grey, aka Douchy McDoucherson) and warmer, although not actually sunny. But less grey is nice. (The weather, not the singer.) Warmer is swell. Feeling like tea, oatmeal, and donut holes to start this weekend day.

Remind me to buy the movie “Appaloosa” based on a cowboy novel by Robert B. Parker of Spenser fame. The movie features Ed Harris and Vigo Mortensen as the dual leads. Book and movie are very much an Old West variant of Spenser and Hawk but enjoyable nonetheless. Or maybe because.

Late lunch of PB&J as I worked on TLC (The Lost Century, right?). I’ve been making steady, consistent progress here in camp. Got 3K words in my newly-added chapter. Given my personal SLOW writing technique, even when trying to do it merciless NaNoWriMo style, that’s pretty damned good. Time for a break now, however.

Current status of the WIP (work in progress, that is)

The Lost Century


Copyright (done)

Dedication (done)

Foreword (done)

Chapter 1. The Last Battlefield. (done)

Chapter 2. Past as Prologue. (done)

Chapter 3. Somnus Interruptus. (done)

Chapter 4. What the Fuck Was That? (done)

Chapter 5. Another Day, Another Denarius. (done)

Chapter 6. Preparing to Set Sail with Charon. (done)

Chapter 7. You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here? (done)

Chapter 8. Another Saturday Night in Hades. (done)

Chapter 9. LRRP. That Spells "Lurp," Motherfucker. (done)

Chapter 10. Lurp Part Two, Featuring Little Ibby Wonder. (done)

Chapter 11. A Fuck for the Ages. (done)

Chapter 12. To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. If Only They Could. (done)

Chapter 13. Preparation Is the Key But to What Lock? (done)

Chapter 14. Hide and Seek. (done)

Chapter 15. Kill 'em All, Let the Gods Sort 'em Out!


Operation Payback (done)

Chapter 16. Payback’s a Bitch. (done)

Chapter 17. Ash and Bone. And Barbecued Goat. (started)

Chapter 18. Go East, Young Men. (outlined not started)

Epilogue. Mush!, you Huskies! (done)

Excerpt from Book 2 (done)

About the Author (done)


Dinner’s gonna be leftover bbq chicken thighs, rice, and corn on the cob. The cotc was tasty when we had some the other day so we got some more. Yum. One of the great vehicles for butter. All is on the stove now as I type. Soon come.

That was tasty and after dinner we looked at the map and the weather and decided to maybe zip down to South Carolina tomorrow, skipping the shit-circus which is evil, evil North Carolina. None of our money for you, bastards! Gas in Virginia at the state line then no spending until we hit South Carolina. Just staying too wet and chilly for us here. Looking for Mister Warm Sunshine.


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