Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 298

Roadtrip Day 298

5/01 Sunday

Wow! Got the serious rain last night into this morning. Constant heavy to very heavy pounding. Gonna have some breakfast, put on our raingear, pack up, hitch up, and get on down to South Carolina. I feel sorry for that huge group of people with all those kids who are all tent camping. It won’t be delightful working in this rain but we have good raingear and once we’re done we’ll be on the road. I like being on the road.

Packing up in the rain was kinda sucky but we got it done and headed down the road. In the rain. In traffic. In various combinations of light and heavy. Again, not delightful. But we kept on rolling and eventually found clear skies. We also zoomed through North Carolina. Boo! Hiss!

Ok, I grant you that SOUTH Carolina is not a whole lot better but at least it’s not actively trying to be evil, not as much as North Carolina, anyway. So we drove most of the day and arrived at Little Pee Dee State Park. How could you not stop and camp at a place called Little Pee Dee? We have shore power and HOT showers and our campsite is right at the lake, nestled among the trees. Delightful.

And WARM! It’s dark now but I’m in shorts and a T-shirt and we have all the windows open in the trailer. Ahhhhhh! Ronnie made the spaghetti for dinner I had mentioned the other day and that was a perfect way to mark our arrival here. Sliced pears, too? Ok. Now, I’m having a pinwheel cookie while I write this as darkness swallows us completely.

Tiring day. Early bedtime tonight. Hope to do some writing tomorrow. Doing this blogpost was about all I could manage tonight.

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