Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 299

Roadtrip Day 299

5/02 Monday

Oh so nice! Slept last night with most of the windows open and under a sheet with only a light blanket, just in case. Warm and comfy, although pretty humid, which doesn’t really bother me. Waking now with some COLD Ovaltine and glazed donut holes, looking out over our idyllic setting - trees, lake, mottled sunshine, ducks walking by, squirrels hustling for nuts. The lake is utterly still and dotted with colonies of lilypads. Serious frog habitat! Maybe cottonmouths, too.

Speaking of frogs, the night life here is amusingly loud. Beginning near dark, they all start up, not just the frogs. And go on and on. Once I accepted it as white-noise, I drifted off; but, damn!, they are loud. Rancid ranids! (grin) An animal symphony. Parenthetically, swimming is prohibited in the lake. The ranger says there are no gators but he does admit that cottonmouths (water moccasins) are native here. Some of the noises I heard sounded like they might’ve been gator grunts. Maybe not.

So here we are in shorts and T-shirts, easing into this lovely day. T-storms are predicted for the afternoon and we’ll see what happens with that, but I like a good T-storm. We’re here through Saturday and then Sunday we go to a campground in Francis Marion National Forest, South and East of here, which is cool because when I was a kid, I enjoyed stories about the famous “Swamp Fox”, Francis Marion. But I’ll write more about that when we’re there. This is the time for Little Pee Dee.

And maybe some more scribblings about Flavius’ Furies, getting them done with their Himalayan adventure and getting them down to some warmer, more Southerly, climes. And getting this book edited and (self)published.

It’s 2 pm time for lunch after a nice walk around the campground. No T-storms yet. We saw Spanish Moss on our walk. Now, there’s a reminder of my old New Orleans days. 4 pm and still no T-storms. Hot and humid. Ahhhhhhh.

6pm and the T-storm has arrived. Bad timing for the guy whose canoe was mostly sunk out there in the lake. He was bailing like mad and heading back to shore as the ferocious front arrived. Ka-boom and sizzle. Man, I love a good thunderstorm. I hope the canoeist made it back to shore quickly. The lightning is frisky.


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