Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Roadtrip Day 300

Roadtrip Day 300

5/03 Tuesday

Woo-hoo! Last night was a rock ‘n’ roll T-storm party. Drumming by Ginger Baker. Our roof was speed-freak syncopated with the percussion from the rain backed by huge booms of thunder and strobing flashes of lightning. That went on for most of the night. As we ease into the day this morning, the rain has stopped and heading toward lunchtime the sun is even trying to peek out. The clouds are resisting but the sun seems to be relentless. C’mon, Sun!

The rain cooled things off some but not to the point that we need significant clothing; it’s still pretty warm. The ducks, geese, and squirrels which haunt the campsites for snackage are out and about. During the big storm yesterday evening, a goose family sheltered under our picnic table. Hope they all did something similar last night. It was ugly. The fuzzy goslings are pretty darned cute. Makes me wanna juggle ‘em.

And if you note the title of this post, today is DAY 300! There’s a numerical milestone. It’d be kinda nice to get to the end of my new chapter 17 today. That’s unlikely but I can accept it as a goal and see how close I get. Ok, maybe I should stop writing here and get back to my legionaries.

The sun is back in full force and the land is drying out. Snackish lunch of sliced turkey, sharp cheddar cheese, and ritz crackers, with an ice-cold (120-volt AC on the fridge here and I have it turned COLD) Coke to wash it all down. A reward and break after reaching 73K words and a good long way into chapter 17.

Ok, 74K words today and that’s a good day of writing for me. Time for a break from writing. Listening to Bob Marley’s “Exodus” is a great place to finish for the day.

As a changeup from sitting and writing, once I stopped, we did the Beaver Dam loop trail out of the campground. Hot and humid. I stripped off my shirt and hiked in shorts only. It was only a mile-and-a-half, so it wasn’t too enervating and a nice piece of physicality after sitting and writing for several hours. It’s after 5pm now and I think I’ll have a shower.

Dinner and the evening chorus, the loud chorus. Read a Spenser novel and wondered what his typical word count is. He does lots of one-line dialog and the print versions use a big font and lotsa white space. All that makes me suspect a fairly low word count for a full-price, seemingly full-size novel. Very readable, nonetheless, and well worth the time and no money since it came from the library.

Thunderheads grew and threatened this afternoon but have not materialized here yet. We’ll see what happens in the heart of darkness. I think we’ll button up the trailer somewhat to be prepared so we don’t hafta go full-on firedrill mode at oh-dark-thirty with me still wrestling dream demons.

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