Saturday, May 07, 2016

Roadtrip Day 301

Roadtrip Day 301
5/04 Wednesday
Ronnie did a quick calculation for Day 300 and we’ve hit 29 states so far on this trip. More to come, dear reader, more to come. Technically, I only got 28, cuz Ronnie hit Texas while I was still at home in the beginning of the new year, so she has 29 and I have 28. But, like I said, more to come and Texas will be one of them, so I’ll catch back up at that time.
A little sprinkle last night, nothing major. Spent the morning using Ronnie’s hotspot to upload a bunch of blogposts since the last time I’d done that. Checked Facebook briefly. Put a note on our writers’ group about my writing progress only to have MJ and Chloe DEMAND to read my novel RIGHT NOW, as-is, unfinished. So I emailed a copy to MJ who hopefully has shared it with Chloe. After lunch we hiked around the area and sat by the lake for a while.
A little novel work for the late afternoon and now I think it’s shower time.
Ronnie’s making tuna helper and broccoli for dinner as the light fades over the currently-hushed lake. The chorus will be starting up soon, however. Cooler this evening. I put on my long pants. Should be a pleasant night for sleeping.

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