Saturday, May 07, 2016

Roadtrip Day 302

Roadtrip Day 302

5/05 Thursday

Cooler and not totally sunny this am. Nice pre-lunch walk in the woods in dappled sunlight. Box turtle sitting in the middle of the path as we got near the beaver-dam swamp. Coupla lizard-type guys. Dragonflies. Delightful, cool hike. Dumped our greywater tank and some recycling at the “station” and now back to the trailer for lunch in the gathering grey and increasing wind. Fresh lime in my Coke? Check. Blueberries? Check. Some pretty good sharp cheddar even though it’s not Tillamook? Check. Carrots, crackers, and cheerful companionship? Check, check, check.

Letting this sucker restart for updates while we have lunch. Always a joy. NOT!

Gonna try to get to the absolute finish of my new chapter today. If I can do that, all I have left is the last (wrap-up) chapter and I expect that one to flow easily and quickly. Hopefully.

Several new neighbors today as the campground gears up for the weekend. Middle-aged and younger crowd coming in, with kids even, as opposed to the geriatric set we’ve been hanging with, except for Ronnie, of course, but she’s tarred with my grey brush.

Ok, I did it. Finished chapter 17 with 76K words done total. Phew. That’s an emotionally-satisfying milestone. I’ll start chapter 18 tomorrow. Little drizzle coming to the campground now. As we move into twilight, we have the stillness which exists before the evening symphony warms up. I had a lovely, hot shower before the T-storms come, too. Maybe. Thunder not too far away.

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