Saturday, May 07, 2016

Roadtrip Day 303

Roadtrip Day 303

5/06 Friday

10 am is a reasonable wakeup for long-time roadtrippers, right? Admiring the sunshine and waiting for the teapot to reach a boil. Yawn. Little rain last night and a little chilly but, big surprise!, no night music. Guess the orchestra had an official night off or something. It was odd compared to how loud it usually is here at night. Campground got a lot more customers yesterday evening. Gives the space a different look, compared to the emptiness earlier in the week. Nice to see a coupla kids with their young(er) parents here rather than just retirees.

While lazing over breakfast, I wrote the first paragraph of chapter 18, the LAST CHAPTER of my novel. Wow! It’s an odd mix of feelings. Honestly, mostly fear. I want people to like and enjoy it. I’m very afraid they won’t. Oh well… A thousand words this morning and now I deserve a tasty (late) lunch.

Went for a hike after lunch in the welcoming woods. We saw a snake skeleton, judging by the head, I’d guess it was a viper but I don’t really know. Wouldn’t ever want those teeth to chomp into me in any case. We saw a coupla turtles at the beaver pond and some grey clouds marring the blue-marble sky above. Nice afternoon. Back to the trailer to sit in our camp chairs in the sunshine reading an interesting-so-far sf novel.

Getting on toward 5pm and Ronnie’s hunger and the increasing coolth has sent us inside to warm up some leftovers as an early dinner snack. Might follow that with a later supper of something new. Later. Still sunny but those dark clouds threaten the horizon. Campground is pretty full for the weekend, at least here in the loop on the lake. Twilight is crowding the day’s heels, waiting to take over and usher in Mother Night now that the clock has crawled around to 7:30. No loud music or party groups. So far. Here’s hoping for a pleasant, quiet Friday night.

78K words and I’m calling that bedtime as soon as we have our delicious green onion and cheddar cheese omelette supper. Toast and strawberry jam with mine.

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