Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Roadtrip Day 305

Roadtrip Day 305

5/08 Sunday

Travel day. Ronnie woke early so I just kinda joined her. Beautiful morning light across the still lake. Low yellow rays illuminating the tree trunks in bands of light and dark and pushing leaves into the yellow side of the green spectrum rather than their typical darker green. None of the kids in the campground is up yet. Ha! Yesterday, the camp host invited Ronnie to worship service this morning somewhere in camp. Think we’ll be skipping that. Breakfast and a slow climb to full waking as the sunrise light deepens and broadens. It’s really quite lovely.

Too bad it happens at dawn. It’s just as nice and more civilized at sunset, so I’ll just generally stick to appreciating that.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Gonna pack and move today to the campground at Francis Marion National Forest a few hours South of here. That campground is on the ICW so that’ll be kinda interesting. I also wanna grab a bio from the library of Francis Marion, the infamous Swamp Fox, to read while we’re there. That’d be entertaining. I have only vague memories of his feats of derring-do.

One early riser just pushed his jon boat off the shore and is heading out, I assume, to do some fishing. Hooray for the restriction on engines. He was silent as his electric trolling motor dragged him out onto the bosom of the waters. The cane-polers are still asleep.

This shouldn’t be a stressful or hurried pack and travel. It’s only about three hours down the road and we have a reserved campsite; so even if we don’t get outa here until noon, we’ll be there by 4pm, given three hours of driving and an hour at the supermarket provisioning for the upcoming week. That’s a pleasant amount of time to set up camp and settle in for the evening and the week.

Just about done with brekkie. I guess it’s time to start packing.

Pack went easily. Travel was pleasant. Grocery stop at the Food Lion where we got some generic Food Lion “Pinwheel” cookies. Half the price and twice as good as real Pinwheels. They taste like the old, original Pinwheel recipe. The changes to the Pinwheel recipe have been detrimental over the years. But HOORAY! For delicious, cheap fakes. We got to the Francis Marion campground (Buck Hall) on the ICW and set up in the HEAT of midafternoon, Phew! Enervating. We managed to get basically set up then sat in the shade until the cool of the evening.

BBQ pork chops, angel hair pasta with butter and parmesan, and carrots. Tasty and filling. The delicious fake Pinwheels for dessert. Ah! Night has brought blessed coolness, relief from the sun and heat.

I piggybacked on Ronnie’s hotspot for wifi to find out that my aunt Helen died this morning. On Mother’s Day. A very sad ending to a generally delightful day. Helen was a wonderful, lovely woman and she’ll be greatly missed. My parents’ generation is passing away and it saddens me greatly. Hell! A lot of my own generation is already passing away. Death, be not proud! But could you maybe take a little vacation or something?

Helen was a wonderful woman, a caring mother, and a sweet person who made all those around her feel better about themselves and the wide world. Requiescas in pace.


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