Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Roadtrip Day 306

Roadtrip Day 306

5/09 Monday

Excellent night. After the heat of the day, it cooled off so delightfully that I wanted a blanket in the depths of the dark. Now, at 9am, it’s still not hot. Yet. Threatens to be a scorcher today. I have mixed feelings about that. Pragmatically, it probably works out well cuz we’re supposed to meet the Gottliebs for dinner in Charleston so maybe it’ll be an airconditioned car siteseeing experience in the furnace of the afternoon. First, breakfast.

Closing in on 10am here now and the campground is a-stirrin’. One site has had a huge fire burning all night (apparently) cuz it was burning big when we went to be and it’s still burning and loaded with firewood this morning. With no one in attendance. Air compressors blatt as they fill watersports inflatables and the gas-powered edger is making its rounds trimming the verge. Our trailer sits in lovely shade from a nice, mature tree, and we’ll have afternoon shade from two trees to the West of our site. It’s pretty nice. Last night the tide was out but this morning I just saw a large sailboat go by practically level with us. Clearly, the tide is high. (No Blondie songs now! I mean it!) Campers and boats lined up at the waste dump. Two drains, no waiting. Well, only a little waiting. Folks be headin’ home to dem South Carolina lives, y’all.

I might need another glass of chocolate milk to prime my writing pump as I progress into the unknown realm of more-than-80K-words. Oh my. Terra incognita. Ok, honestly, everything past 20K words has been a new experience but 75~80K has been my target for completion since I decided to push this novel to a conclusion. Now, I’m there but still not quite finished. Only a bit more to go.

I’m remembering my Aunt Helen, who died yesterday, and her family and friends. Including me. She was one of the good ones and so another light has gone out of the world leaving just that much more room for the darkness. Shine your light bravely, Dear Reader. Show your fierce face to that which abides in the dark, hungry and destructive. We can keep it back if we make the effort. We must make the effort.

Ok, some brown moo and some words about my legionaries for the next little while.

Coming into lunchtime and the heat of the day, I went for a shower. Now, usually I like hot shower, very hot showers, but in these hot conditions, tepid is ok. Cool, however, is still not ok. Cool is never ok. The water in the shower here never got above cool. Ack! Frustrating. I was efficient rather than indulgent and returned to a petite dejuner of hard-boiled egg (reddened with Tony’s), extra sharp cheddar cheese, and Ritz crackers. The quotidian Coca-cola. A refrigerated lemon pudding to follow. Perfect. With that done, we’re thinking about heading to Charleston and what to see there before our dinner engagement. The car is airconditioned. An important point in our decision to head to town.

Ok, 2pm and we’re heading to town. See ya later.

Eased into Charleston and headed toward the harbor to do a little sightseeing. We drove slowly through a few notable places, like the Market, along with all the other tourists. Worked our way past the pastel Georgian rowhouses, an historic landmark, parked and walked along the waterfront a bit and ambled through battery park, mostly to admire the architecture in the surrounding neighborhoods. I love old Southern architecture. Georgian, Palladian, Greek Revival, etc. Even “shotgun”. When we got too hot and tired from walking, we returned to the car and continued to drive around the various neighborhoods, enjoying the homes and properties. As it got closer to time, we headed over to the restaurant where we were supposed to meet the Gottliebs.

Got there early and sat at the bar to pass the time with a coupla cold, alcoholic liquid refreshments. Did we want appetizers? Ummmm, sure, Mister Bartender, we’ll split a serving of bourbon chocolate pecan pie. Ah, the perfect appetizer. From dead empty when we arrived, the place became packed by the time the four of us were assembled and ready for dinner. They still managed to find us a table and we sat for some “Best in the city - 2016” BBQ. We had some tasty food and fun conversation, some of which was even about unschooling. We hogged their table for such a long time, the G’s finally offered that we should all go back to their house to chat.

So we did. For a longer time. Eventually, we hadda hit the road before there was a significant chance I’d fall asleep at the wheel on the way back. Dragged back into the dark and quiet campground and crept into our site as stealthily as we could. Leftovers in the coolerator and tired butts in the bed.

It was a delightful visit.



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