Thursday, May 12, 2016

Roadtrip Day 308

Roadtrip Day 308

5/11 Wednesday

Good morning, campers. We have an appointment at Camping World for 2ish this afternoon for a look-see at our wheel/brake problem. Crossed fingers. If they have parts in stock, they could get it done today. More likely, we’ll just be taking all the broken piece outa there, buttoning it back up, and driving back to camp in order to return tomorrow, or the next day, when they have parts and are ready to do it. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, it’s another lovely day which we can enjoy for a few hours before we hafta pack up, hitch up, and roll.

We dropped the trailer, had some Popeye’s late lunch, did some shopping at Target, and hit the laundromat. Shop called with the bad news that it’s (of course) a rare part and they don’t have it in stock. Plus, we can’t get the trailer back cuz they have it all apart and wanna take the backing plate in the morning to a place that might have it.

So fuck a duck. We left some stuff at the campsite to show that it was occupied. Do we buy a puptent at Target and go back to camp? Do we get a motel? If motel, do we leave our stuff unprotected at the campsite? Eventually, we grabbed a motel and installed me there to decompress while Ronnie ran back to the campsite to retrieve our stuff. So we’re at the undelightful Motel6 near the RV repair shop, hoping they can complete the brake job tomorrow.

We’ll see.

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