Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roadtrip Day 309

Roadtrip Day 309

5/12 Thursday

Good morning. So this morning is all about waiting to hear from the trailer repair shop. Crossed fingers.

Called them at noon when they hadn’t called us and it was time to check out of the motel. Went sightseeing. Saw the Angel Oak, possibly the oldest tree East of the Mississippi. Went to the beach and walked in the sand and surf. Called again at 2:30ish. Went for pizza. FINALLY heard back that they did indeed have all the parts and were working on it. Should be done today before 6. Lah-de-dah. Headed toward the area of Camping World, aka “the shop”, intending to visit a park when they called and said just about done come and get it. So we did.

If you think they fuck you at the drive-through, then you should do business with Camping World. If you want some lube for that dedicated ass fucking, you should bring your own cuz they’ll charge you more than you could afford for a little lubrication in addition to the anal penetration. $1100+ for a brake job. Drum brakes. One axle, two wheels.

My ass hurts. So does my head and wallet.

Quick setup at Francis Marion. Looking to scrounge some food, sleep, and then hit the road back North tomorrow. Dragging my abused ass along for the ride.

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