Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roadtrip Day 310

Roadtrip Day 310

5/13 Friday

Friday the 13th. Woulda been appropriate yesterday. Casual breaking of camp and heading back Northward. Planning to stop for the night back at Little Pee Dee then continuing on Saturday morning. Those brand new trailer breaks are squeaky-squeaky. Dialed them down some to avoid that.

Easy drive and quick setup at Little Pee Dee, obviously after their morning rain, given the puddles around the campsite, and all set now in case there’s afternoon rain. The deep, quiet woods here are nice. I wouldn’t hate a raucous afternoon T-storm. Could be a nice metaphor for clearing the decks and having a fresh start. The cost of that brake job really inflamed my sense of indignation. But it’s pleasant and quietly lovely here so I’ll try to zen.

Shower and a nap sounds like a good way to start the flow into this afternoon. Nice HOT showers here, thank the gawds of spacetime.

Moving into the yellow light of the evening. Not quite the golden hour that photographers love but close. This campsite faces into the dense, green woods. Very peaceful. Stirfry for dinner – pork, mushrooms, and spring onions. That hit the spot. Now I’m ready to ease down into early bedtime after my long nap this afternoon. Yesterday beat me down. Recuperating today.


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