Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roadtrip Day 311

Roadtrip Day 311

5/14 Saturday

Long day. I’m writing this on Sunday because I had no energy left to write once we finally got set up. We woke early and broke camp at Little Pee Dee, heading for Richmond and our friend Laura. We originally hoped to visit for the day and into Sunday but Laura’s house had become the norovirus ward; so we stopped briefly, held our breath to say hi and pick up some stuff we had mailed there, and escaped germ-free. We hope! We headed to our next destination – Cape Hatteras.

That made for a long drive, starting at Little Pee Dee, hitting Richmond, then hooking back toward Cape Hatteras. We stopped for food and gas before we left Virginia, then made our way all the way down to Buxton and the Cape Point campground of the National Park system, right near the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

A brief aside about North Carolina. Ronnie explained our position at great length in her writings. I don’t have that kind of patience. We’re visiting here because it’s a must-see spot and it’s a federal facility. We’re spending as little money as possible in North Carolina. Any money we do spend, we’ll send matching funds to a LGBTQ support group for N.C. Further subtleties in that plan are beyond the scope of this writing. Fly a rainbow flag and we’ll happily buy from you.

So anyway, we got here at sunset and set up in the gathering dark. It’s a huge campground with no trees, wide open except for small, occasional clumps of scrub. We chose a spot on the edge backed up against the scrubs and shrubs on the ocean side. When we arrived there was one campsite in use about a hundred yards from us. They left this morning. We are alone except for maybe a coupla campers WAAAAY away from us in another loop. Cool and very windy last night with T-storms flashing lightning strikes in the distance. The lighthouse swept over us methodically and fireflies strobed the darkness of the beach scrub. Fireflies are the shiznit.

After we got set up, we warmed up a quick batch of leftover stirfry and hit the sack. Sunday, we’ll actually look around and see what’s going on here.


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