Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roadtrip Day 312

Roadtrip Day 312

5/15 Sunday

Woke lazily after a long night’s sleep to sunshine and less wind. It was still a bit cool so for breakfast I opted for some hot tea (We found some P. G. Tips so we have good tea!) and a French horn, aka Food Lion’s Vanilla French Twirl. Warming pleasantly now and I’m ready to see what today brings now that I have a happy belly. 10:30 and Ronnie has gone over the dunes to see the beach while I type here. When she returns, we’ll head to town (Buxton) to see what’s available there. There are lots of things I want to see here, especially flying-related stuff -  Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills for Wright brothers stuff but also the Billy Mitchell airstrip just down the road from the campground.

So after we cruised Buxton (Hello. Goodbye.), we continued on down to the next little town to check it out and see what that campground looked like. Frisco. After cruising the Frisco campground we agreed enthusiastically to relocate. Hilly (dune-y), lots of vegetation, fairly private campsite, and a lovely view of the water. We bought a dozen days, returned to break camp, came back to Frisco, set up camp, and settled in. Very nice here. Lovely. I decided I needed fried turkey slices, two eggs over medium, and some potato bread with strawberry jam for a late lunch as a reward for all that effort. Delicious. We ate lunch sitting under our sunshade looking out over the dunes to the ocean. Beautiful.

I just finished slicing and sugaring some strawberries to put on slices of vanilla pound cake after dinner. Who cares what the entrée will be!

This campground is right next to Billy Mitchell Airfield. Three planes tied down there, a Cessna and two Pipers. Cute little airport. Ah, as I write, a larger plane just came over us for landing. I didn’t get a good look but it was about 8 passengers’ worth of aircraft. Commercial use there? I dunno. Charter maybe. Probably.

We spent the afternoon sitting in our chairs under the sunshade, watching the ocean, brainstorming, and reading. Now it’s 6pm and we’re running the genny, charging all the electronics. With the sun getting low, the cool breeze is cool enough for long sleeves and closing some of the windows in the trailer. It’s been a delightful half-day and we’re very pleased to be settled here for a while. The strawberries have sugared up nicely and we’re gonna have them over the poundcake now, before dinner.

Mmmmmm! Yep That’s pretty good.

Sliced rounds of potato sautéed in butter with some cut-up chicken and pork, and some green onion. Cooked carrots on the side. Sounds excellent for a sunset supper. Easing into the lovely evening. Goodnight, Moon.


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