Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roadtrip Day 313

Roadtrip Day 313

5/16 Monday

A lovely, cool morning after a quiet, long night. This place has nice, tiled bathrooms and showers, unfortunately, the showers are cold-water only. We have our 4-gallon sunshower filled and sitting on the table for Mister Sol to work his magic and give us some hot water later. If this place had hot showers and hookups, they’d hafta kick us out when we hit their time limit. Once we settle down here and regain our full-on “lazy camping” mode after the travels and changes of the last coupla days, I intend to FINISH “The Lost Century.”

Yes, you and I both heard that right. We’re here for 11 more days and I’m at 80K words and only have a few thousand more to drive this thing to a completed finish. Amazing. Go figure, huh? Perhaps Ronnie’s birthday on 5/25 will be that excellent milestone. The timing is just about right. Then, of course, there’s the editing phase. That’ll take about a decade. At least. Ronnie and I rarely argue, but I can see some friction happening as she goes through my deathless prose with her metaphorical red pen.

“Nooooo,” I’ll wail. “I meant for it to say exactly that.”

“Nooooo,” she’ll respond. “Exactly that is completely crap. You can’t use one of those 50-worst-analogies-ever-written in your novel. You just can’t.”

“But I wanna!”

“No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No you can’t, no you can’t, no you can’t!”

Yeah, I can see that that’s how it’s gonna go cuz yes, I did use one of those in my narrative. Bwahahahahaha! Can you guess which one? (smirk) I love the “bag of soup” one but it wasn’t that one. FYI, it’s number 13 on the list I have: “McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty bag filled with vegetable soup.” Isn’t that just perfect?

So anyway, we took a nice morning walk to and along the beach - through the campground, through the dunes (on the marked path), and then wandering along the broad, infinite beach. Delightful way to spend a morning. Hot sun, cool breeze, beautiful vistas. Must be about lunchtime now.

Piggybacking on Ronnie’s hotspot to check in with the wide world. Still kinda icky out there. Think I’ll stay here. I’ve been expecting the GOP to self-destruct for a coupla decades now. It seems to finally be happening. What I didn’t expect was for the Dems to self-destruct. The old-guard power structure is not allowing the new voices to have their fair share of say in how things go. What a bizarre and fascinating election cycle. It reminds me of Mister McBride and his fatal fall. Soup du jour.

We spent the afternoon sitting under and outside of the sunshade, depending on the sun and wind, reading and enjoying just being here. Getting later now and time to see how well the sunshower has heated its load of water today. Then we’ll be sliding on down toward dinnertime.

Ah, excellent timing. We have two propane tanks on our little popup trailer. We were trying to remember if the one we weren’t using had been emptied previously or if it were still full while chatting about how it would be terrible to run out while cooking dinner if the backup were actually empty. So while chatting and boiling some water to augment the heated water from the sunshower, wouldn’t ya know it?, the flame went out. Active propane tank is empty.

Ok. I switched bottles. Nope. Nada. We now knew for a fact that the backup bottle had indeed been emptied previously. Okey-dokey then. I switched the fridge to 12-volt and disconnected one of the propane tanks while Ronnie finished her shower. Threw the tank in the car and headed into Frisco to find propane.

Ha! At the end of the campground road where it T-bones into the highway, there’s a little store with a propane exchange rack right there. So, five minutes and $22 plus tax and we’re free to head back to camp to repower our propane system. Ronnie also made a note to send a matching $25 to the LBGTQ group for North Carolina.

I attached the FULL propane tank to the trailer, hooked it up, turned it on, and switched the fridge back to propane from 12-volt. We’ll fill the other empty one once we’re back out of North Carolina.

Phew. Now we can cook dinner without worrying about losing our cooking ability in media res. Don’tcha just hate half-cooked food? Ronnie suggests chicken-pesto pasta. Side of green beans, which we bought a fresh batch of cuz they looked good at the grocery. Ok. I eat that. Some of that. (wink)

Even the green beans were good. BURP! A slice of pound cake to settle that food down and it’s getting to be that time when the sun goes to hide on the underside of the world. Possible rain tonight with highest chance tomorrow. We’ll see what we actually get.

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