Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Roadtrip Day 314

Roadtrip Day 314

5/17 Tuesday

Good morning. No rain last night and none yet today. It’s delightful. Perfect. Weather report now says rain this evening and/or more consistently tomorrow. Sure seems like meteorology is the new astrology. Jupiter is near Luna and Mars is in retrograde while Venus is off doing her sexy thing in the Cytherian splendor of her luscious goddessness. That can only mean one thing - 20% chance of rain in the next 12 hours. Or you’re due to come into an unexpected inheritance.

Ronnie woke before dawn, just like the killer, and went for an early beach walk while I slept. She left me a note but I didn’t see it until after she’d already returned. She said it was quiet and beautiful – no 4-wheelers rampaging up and down, few surf fishermen, just the ocean and the beach and Apollo’s chariot with its solar burden. I slept until 9. Well, 9ish. (wink) Quiet breakfast now with a full load of propane to power us through the next several weeks and enough groceries for a week at least. No tasks to accomplish except to enjoy life. And get a little more done on TLC. I added another thousand words last night; gonna try to add another thousand today. Driving hard toward the finish like Marshawn Lynch powering to the goal line.

Yes, I do plan to grab my crotch and shake it at the world when I get there.

Last night just before bed we walked down to the bathroom and encountered a nice couple walking their dogs, apparently all rescues, dachsundish, pomeranianish, chihuahuaish. We had a pleasant chat in the dark by the bathrooms, petting the mutts and sharing stories. They live in Virginia and have been coming here for years. He used to surf here when he was younger. Charming social interaction to have during a nighttime bathroom outing.

Breakfast is done and my battery power is low. Time to sign off and have some fun until we run the genny to recharge this machine and all our others. Then I’ll see about cranking out that next thousand words for Flavius and da boyz.

Nice afternoon walk on the beach in the grey, rain-smelling sky. No actual rain yet. Saw a dead jellyfish and a dead puffer. Back to the trailer before the rain. And here it comes finally at 4:15. Gentle, warm rain to start. Didn’t last too long and we rode into town to get gas and ice. Another donation is due the LBGTQ equivalence group.

Pork chops, pesto, and corn on the cob for dinner. Digesting in the approaching dark which is bringing the rain back with it.


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