Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roadtrip Day 315

Roadtrip Day 315

5/18 Wednesday

It rained all night. It was still raining in the early pre-dawn when Thing 1 woke and left the cozy bed. Later in the realistic morning, Thing 2 woke to the steady 4/4 of the vertical rain. [Cue the Beatles but skip that “might as well be dead” bit.] Thing 2 opted for hot, lemony (P.G. Tips) tea and one of those French horns. Thing 1 joined in for a second cup of tea to follow her pre-dawn one. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were looking at an indoor snooze fest on this rainy, not-very-nice day.

It’s ok. That can be fun, too. As long as the power lasts, Thing 2 can write more about the exotic adventures of Flavius’ Furies, rampaging their way through the first century B.C. Then maybe a little rests and lunch and asking Genny to run for an hour or so to create MORE power. Possibly, then, but just possibly, Thing 2 could write some additional words about those fierce legionaries.

But first, breakfast. And full wakefulness. Thing 2 is not a blithe waker, no sprightly riser, he. Quit giggling. I said “waker” not “wanker”, although if the foo shits…

The ocean is obscured in the nondimensional grey distance. The world seems to end at the dunes bordering the beach side of the campground. If this were a sf book, I could cross those dunes and step into another world. Another universe. If I were one of Zelazney’s princes, I could walk to Amber. Ah, but poor, pedestrian Thing 2 lives in this prosaic world and a walk across those dunes would take him only to the rainy beach and speckled ocean. Actually, a scene like that is very nice all on its own, no alternate universes needed.

But wouldn’t that be exciting?

Ok, ‘nuff said here for now. Time for Thing 2 to open that “The Lost Century” doc and add some words there. Talk to ya later. Thing 2 is puttin’ on the ritz (cracker which is his writing cap).

Wrote some until I ran out of computer battery, then had lunch and read a bit in the gloomy rain. 2 pm now and Thing 1 powered up Genny so this laptop is recharging, along with all the other electronics. Color Thing 2 a Happy Camper, especially because the rain has tapered off and there’s some new glare in the sky. Might be that big, burning ball of plasma about 100 million miles away in space. C’mon, Mister Sol, burn away these clouds. Burn, Baby, burn!

Ok, ok, looks like the rain is fighting back and it’ll be a Battle of the Elements this afternoon. The astrologers, errr, meteorologists say the rain will be done later this afternoon. We’ll see. Let’s return now to those leaden days of yesteryear and see what Thing 2 can make happen in the Hindu Kush in the 1st century B.C. Leavin’ on shank’s mare, for jet planes had not yet been invented.

Hmmm, do I need a time travel plot twist? Nah! Not for this novel, at least. Bwahaha!

Dry (but windy) spell so we walked the beach under low, scudding clouds. Invigorating. Yeah, that’s the word. Yes, actually it had its own kind of beauty. Back now and thinking it’s time for dinner as we prepare for an evening bout of possible rain, chances fading as the night grows older. Looking forward to that. Thing 1 is very unhappy with the wind. Thing 2 is not amused either. I think the cat’s hat just blew away toward Europe. Or Greenland. Or Africa. Or Albuquerque. Bye!

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