Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roadtrip Day 316

Roadtrip Day 316

5/19 Thursday

The rain did eventually slack off last night but the wind kept UP. Gusty enough to blow out the pilot light on the propane power to the fridge, so about 9pm I switched the fridge to 12-volt, hoping it would last the night. Not quite.

About 5am, the CO detector started shrilling. Not a poison gas problem; the battery is flat. Killed the detector, threw on pants, went outside and killed the 12-volt to the fridge and Ronnie helped me start up the propane to it. Still awfully gusty so back to bed hoping it doesn’t get blown out.

9am now and the sun is out with scattered clouds, some of which are grey, but the wind is still gusty. Pilot light seems to still be lit, so that’s good. Cold fridge is better than warm fridge, eh? Started Genny and had some tea and powdered minidonuts. Genny will unflatten Mister Battery while also (re)powering our electronics. My laptop was down to “powersave” mode, too, so getting some 120-v is good.

I’m very tired after a noisy, late night and 5am alarm plus activities. Might be a nap day. My brain will wake up and I’ll think about it after breakfast.

Pushing noon now and we’re repowered. And I’m mostly awake. Kinda tired. Had some mid-morning Ovaltine to perk me up. That was tasty. I’m trying to do some writing but it’s not flowing. My brain is still fitful. Maybe after lunch. Sun is warm but the breeze is still blustery and a little cool for my taste.

Spent the afternoon reading then Ronnie gave me an oils massage and I had a nap. Not a euphemism. Very nice. Time for some dinner now. Reading and bed to follow.


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