Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roadtrip Day 317

Roadtrip Day 317

5/20 Friday

Less windy this morning and a mixed sky, heavily clouded but they’re smallish white ones, not very threatening looking. Slept until almost 10 this morning; it was a good night. I believe I’m well rested today even though we stayed up late reading. The breeze this morning is more refreshing than chilly. The world smells new and friendly, Mother Earth as a happy, wiggly puppy.

I intend to finish TLC today if I can get into a writing flow. Even if I can’t get in the zone, I can crank out enough so that I can almost certainly finish tomorrow. Write on! So, that’s what’s on my mind today – driving to the finish of TLC. I dread the editing phase and worry that Beta readers won’t like it. Eek! How, then, can I possibly put it out there in public? Oh, my! But that’s what’s next so that’s where it’s going, for better or worse, for good or ill, for praise or censure.

Lord, have mercy!

The story has morphed from my original, simple sword-and-sandal fantasy combat concept of a stand-alone novel into something a bit more. After attending a funshop on self-publishing at the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference put on by our very successful self-publishing friend, Lisa, I made two significant changes:

1. I added in some flashback sex scenes, even though the story is about some Roman legionaries on their own in the scary, wide world with no women around, cuz everybody likes sex, and although the scenes themselves could be called gratuitous, the sex is the initiating event of the primary plot driver; so I can honestly claim that they are a Plot Necessity. Kind of.

2. I decided to try to write a series based on this first one. Lisa’s opinion and experience is that, pragmatically, series sell. I can see that; I like to read additional novels about characters I enjoyed in a first novel. And my legionaries do survive at the end of the book (some of them) so they’re available to have additional adventures.

In the months since that funshop, I’ve taken advantage of #2 by thinking about, and even writing some narrative for, the SECOND novel about Flavius and his Furies. It’s a nice break when I feel stymied or bogged down while trying to make progress on TLC to switch to doing something with Novel Number 2. It keeps my head in the realm of writing, even writing about my legionaries, while letting me think about new, fresh things which might inspire me when I’m feeling blah about what’s going on in TLC. Maybe I should start calling it TLC One.

We had a pleasant, long midday walk on the beach today under mostly overcast skies, not hot but the very high humidity made it feel sticky. More surf fishermen than midweek, many cars (4-wheel and trucks) running the beach. We said hello to several friendly dogs. Back to camp for a late lunch. Ready for that.

A session of writing now…

Late afternoon and I’m done writing for the day. I will finish TLC tomorrow for sure. Amazing. Fully grey sky now with rain predicted at some point at some level. Ok, then. Some dinner, some reading, and a hopefully not-so-windy night, even if it does rain some. Got some boneless, skinless chicken thighs to put on the BBQ. Just gotta figure out what to have or do with them.

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