Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roadtrip Day 318

Roadtrip Day 318

5/21 Saturday

Hoobie-doobie! Big T-storms last night. The trailer was wiggling and shaking and the awning, which we should have taken down, was going wild and finally collapsed partially on the windward side. I got up, cold and naked, and collapsed that side fully so it would shed the wind. That seemed to work as a temporary fix, so I hustled back inside and dried off before crawling back into bed. Better conditions this morning with no rain and light wind but apparently there’s more coming. Whoopie.

Ronnie laughed at me for going out naked but I explained that if I’d worn clothes, they’d be soaked. Naked, all I hadda do was dry my skin and crawl comfortably back in bed. I dunno why she shook her head at that. Makes perfect sense. Right?

Getting in some Genny time and some writing while the rain holds off. I intend to finish today. Imagine! A completed draft of a novel. I’m amazed. Anyway, off to work on that. I’ll come back here later, hopefully to say “DONE!”


Yep. I just wrote “THE END” at a little over 80K words. My NaNoWriMo-style rough draft is complete. Completed. Now editing awaits. Eek!

And lunch. Lunch awaits first. Later on I’ll think about all the other stuff that’s gonna go with editing -  nom de plume?, how to self-publish, get a domain?, advertise?

Ack! Later. Now I just need to take a breath and feel the doneness of it.

So, I’ve been wondering when my high school would finally send some info about the planned reunion. Got an email today. Friday, June 3, alumni only, catered by Martin’s Wine Cellar, open bar, jambalaya, chicken pasta, and beef tenderloin. Casual dress. $55/person. Saturday, June 4, alumni plus one(s), Metairie Country Club, coat and tie, open bar, buffet of crab salad, crawfish pie, and New York strip loin carving station. $170/couple.

The way most of those alcoholics (mostly lawyers, after all) drink, they just might lose money at those prices.

Outa power. Dinner and bed. Power and computing tomorrow morning.


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