Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roadtrip Day 319

Roadtrip Day 319

5/22 Sunday

(photos day 319)

A little cool this morning and I’m still getting used to the fact that I finished the draft version of my novel. Amazing! Woke gently, got online for a while to see what was going on in the world of Facebook. And my email.

Ok, that’s done. We talked about our mid-range plans for a while and then decided on a beach walk before the overcast turns into downpour. Nice walk. Met a young, local woman with two dogs who told us about being here year-round. Cruised on back to camp for a late lunch.

For me, a year-round beach would hafta be the Caribbean, maybe San Diego but who can afford San Diego and the water is too cold for me even in the Summer. A lot of the Caribbean is pricey but there are still places that are affordable. Anyway, future fantasy. For lunch I was in a mood for a bowl of oatmeal for some reason, so that’s what I’m having. Hot, filling, and delicious with lots and lots of sugar.

Today is a “holiday”. Hahaha! Yes, even on semipermanent vacation, we take holidays. Tomorrow, Ronnie will start editing “The Lost Century” and I will start making a serious effort to create a story and structure for book 2, tentatively titled “The Lost Century: Chasing the Dragon”. It’s a good working title, at least.

I just talked to my cousins Wes and Kadence a bit. We chatted a while back about their desire to buy a nice catamaran and sail to the South Pacific to live aboard and do research about global warming and population displacement. They’re still thinking about it and pushing more concretely toward a 2017 plan. It’ll be fascinating to keep up with them on that. Speaking of sailing, every time I talk to my pal Bob, I twist his arm about doing a cruise on his boat to Belize. New Orleans to Cozumel is a wonderful sail across the wind, broad reach is a fast point of sail for a cat. From there, you’re at the North end of the reef and can cruise however and how long you like. Twist. Twist. C’mon, Bob.

For now, a lazy afternoon reading a murder mystery. And here’s the drizzle. And here’s the genuine rain. Dry at dinnertime with threatening clouds hanging low.

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