Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roadtrip Day 320

Roadtrip Day 320

5/23 Monday

Monday, Monday. This is a good-sized campground and it’s maybe 1/3 full, probably not even that much. That makes it extra irritating when someone chooses the site right next to us and runs their LARGE generator all day and into the night. Started it up right after they arrived. Our campground brochure says 9pm is quiet time. Ronnie went to ask them to shut down at 9:30 and they snapped back that they were told 10pm. Now, at 8am they have it running again. Why, oh why, don’t we have a huge Class A motorhome with powerful, exterior party speakers? I could BLAST some fuckin’ Too Live Crew, NWA, Public Enemy, etc. at these fuckers. We’re gonna at least clarify with the ranger today what official quiet hours are. I hate old people.

Aside from that, sunny this morning with scattered clouds. Ronnie says rain later, according to the internet, but it’s quite nice right now. Tea and sympathy for breakfast. Sympathy for the Devil at ear-splitting volume, maybe?

Now that TLC is passed off to editing, I’m working on book 2, working title TLC: Chasing the Dragon. For TLC I had the entire structure of the book pretty well defined in my head and wrote up an outline from start to finish before I began. I did modify that some after I started but the core was set and I stuck to it. For TLC:CtD, all I really have is the concept with not much of an idea about how that concept can become a full novel. Ronnie has given me a coupla resources about creating a novel and I’m gonna spend this week researching that and putting together an outline for TLC:CtD before I start doing significant writing for it. I have written a couple of vignettes or scenes but nothing organized. Time to establish the framework of the story before I start throwing lotsa words at it.

When TLC comes back from editing… Well, that’s a lotta hard work I’ll be facing then. Meanwhile, I’ll create a framework for the canvas of the story to hang in, so that after I rewrite TLC, I can begin serious work on TLC:CtD.

Lovely sunshine gave way to late afternoon rain. I did a lotta reading about novel structure and jotted some thoughts about how to apply that for TLC:CtD. Ronnie made some 4pm Mac’n’Cheese for a “dinner” before “supper.” Snackin’ in the rain. I’m tired of working on my book(s). Time to read a popular, financially-successful action novel while I eat some noodly pseudogoodness.


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